About Us

About J-eann Pool Construction

Over the years, J-EANN Pool Construction has provided quality service to its clients that paved way to state of the art swimming pools, both ordinary and wave pools. From wave making machines to landscape works, our team is committed to being one of the best swimming pool builders in the country that offers end-to-end service to its clients.

We communicate. Since 1996, we have been perfecting our craft in achieving beauty, utility, and safety in all of our projects. Moreover, JPC service offers potential swimming pool owners a partnership like no other. We develop a mutual relationship with our clients where we listen to their needs. In return, we give them advice and guidance for a complete design-build experience. We see to it that they experience the best of swimming pool business.

We do not just construct pools. Our services do not end after we finish building. With our experience in running resort business, we provide practical support in the sales, marketing, and operations of their newly built investment. We maintain a constant communication with our clients and continue to offer our expertise even after the project is completed.

We offer only the best. Our team is composed of business, engineering, and technical experts who supervise and oversee our projects in every step of the way. The integrity and character of our work are rooted to our people who understand what our partners need and, therefore, offer only what is the best.

We talk less, and do more. We can only say so much of what we do. We let our accomplishments and previous clients, now partners, speak for us. From north to south, we have built pools all over the Philippines. All of them are now thriving in their respective regions.

In J-eann Pool Construction, we embody the key principle of excellence in all aspects of our construction business. We keep on challenging the status quo and keep on exploring new designs for the swimming pool industry in the Philippines be at par with the latest international standards of the business. After all, we do not just design and build pools. We Make Waves.